Welcome to ZeTrading

You Inquire, We Deliver

We are specialized in Sourcing, Grouping, Inspecting and Exporting products from China

  Decrease import risks
Save costs while importing from China. We make sure to understand your requirements and adapt our sourcing accordingly. We do thorough inspection on the products before they are loaded on board.
  Strategic office location and suppliers access
You don’t have to wait for the strict dates of international fairs anymore. Our office location, next to a year-round open market, gives you the flexibility you need in time, and choice of suppliers.
  Combine different orders in one shipment
You don’t want to be bound to big quantities? We have the solution for you: we can source for you from different suppliers, group the items in our warehouse, then deliver as a bundled order to you.
  Transparent transactions
We are not resellers. ZeTrading offers only trading services. If you request it, we are happy to arrange a meeting between you and the supplier from where we are sourcing.
  More than 20 years of staff experience
ZeTrading is the result of years of staff experience in the Chinese market and in customer requirements analysis. We are pleased to put our experience at your service.
  Your satisfaction
We are already serving customers in Dubai, Cyprus, Lebanon, USA, Nigeria, Poland, Canada and more. We thrive to maximize your satisfaction with what you are importing.